Email Use

Hudson Link Lessons:

Fast Facts about email use

  • Make sure that you have a professional sounding, easy to remember email address – and one that is not hard to remember, understand or type.

  • To – Recipients: When you include multiple recipients all of them know that they can respond to the email.

  • CC – Carbon Copy: It’s good etiquette to name the CC list in the body of the email so all your recipients know who is CC'ed and why you are including them in the email.

  • BCC – Blind Carbon Copy: This feature sends the email to the original recipient and the person being blind copied, but the recipient of the email doesn’t know that another person is being blind copied. Be mindful of how you use BCC – it can be considered sneaky.

Dos and don'ts of email use

    • Do create a professional sounding, simple email address. Some examples include:,,

    • Do let recipients know who is being carbon copied and why.

    • Don’t use blind carbon copy without carefully considering any unintended affects

Additional resources

Explore the resources below to learn how to set up email accounts using different platforms, the best way to write professional emails, how to generate a subject line, and more!