File Creation and Management

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Fast Facts about File Creation and management

  • Create files with the Microsoft Office Suite (not free) or the Google Suite (free). The Google Suite applications provide similar functionality to Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

  • Select filenames which are short and make sense. You can use the title of the document as the filename. Add the date to the filename so you know when it was created.

  • Organize your files in folders to make it easier to look for them.

  • Back up your files in case your computer crashes or you lose your phone. Use your provider’s cloud storage capabilities or cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox which offer some free storage.

  • Having cloud backups gives you access to your documents when you are traveling and don’t have your computer.

Dos and don'ts of File creation and management

    • Do learn how to use relevant Microsoft Office or Google Suite applications

    • Do create short meaningful filenames which include the creation date

    • Do organize your files in folders

    • Do select a cloud storage backup provider and make sure your files are being backed up regularly

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