File Sharing

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Fast Facts about File Sharing

  • There are three ways to share files.

  • First, you can email files as attachments.

  • Create smaller PDF versions of your large documents to save space and to prevent your email recipients from altering the attached files.

  • Second, you can use cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox to share files.

  • Third, you can share files during a video conference by using the “share screen” option.

  • Practice using screen sharing and have the file to be shared open beforehand so you don’t keep the meeting attendees waiting.

Dos and don'ts of File Sharing

    • Do learn how to create PDFs for your large documents

    • Do learn how to safely share files on cloud sharing services with only your intended recipients

    • Do practice video conference screen sharing before you need to do it during an actual conference

    • Don’t share your entire desktop during video conferences since meeting attendees may see some items from your personal life

Additional resources

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