Video Conferencing

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Fast Facts about Video conferencing

  • Examples of video conferencing applications include Zoom, Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, Webex, and more.

  • Sit in front of a simple background such as a blank wall or learn how to select a virtual background that will be seen by the other meeting participants.

  • Be on camera as much as possible so by your visual cues that people know you are engaged in the meeting.

  • Use the chat feature to communicate with the whole group to make comments and ask questions.

  • You can use private chat to communicate with one particular individual during the meeting.

  • Be careful using private chat because the meeting host can see your comments if they save the chat when the meeting concludes.

Dos and don'ts of Video Conferencing

    • Do participate in the video conference from an area free of visual and noise distractions.

    • Do mute yourself when you enter the video conference and whenever you are not speaking.

    • Do be mindful of your camera angle. What is in the background? Is your camera angled to show your whole face? Are you visible on camera in the lighting of your room?

    • Do try to be on camera and to give visual cues that you are engaged in the meeting.

    • Do use the public chat to make comments and ask questions.

    • Don’t make private chat comments critical of the meeting host.

Additional resources

Explore the resources below to learn how to use Zoom, Google Meets, and any other video conferencing platform in the best possible way.